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Reasons why you should visit Georgia

- Extraordinary diversity of the nature where you can find everything: mountains, sea, semi-desert, subtropical and alpine landscapes and relictic forests among them.

- exceptional Georgian wine and cuisine

- well-known Georgian hospitality and warm hearted people

- great history and rich cultural heritage

- great potential for sustainable development of  tourism.

What is unique in Georgia?

Georgia is a homeland to the first Europeans

(remains of the 1.8 million years old hominids were discovered in Georgia. They are the oldest links to modern man found outside of Africa. For more info see:

-  Georgia is one of the oldest christian Countries in the world

(St. Nino preached Christianity in Georgia in 4th century. King of the East Georgian Kingdom Mirian made Christianity a state religion in the year 337)

Georgia is recognized as a cradle of wine

(ancient sorts of domestic grapevine which are dated back to the 6th-5th millennia BC, have been discovered during archaeological excavations)

- Georgian alphabet is one of the 14 independent alphabets of the world

Georgia is house to the highest settlement in Europe – Ushguli
(2,300 meters above the sea level) .

Our services

Group and FIT Services:

- accommodation in Georgia

- accommodation in Armenia and Azerbaijan

- car transfers

- transportation services

- cultural and historical tours

- leisure on the Black Sea shore

- hiking tours

- biking tours

- Jeep tours

- skiing tours

- heliskiing

- wine tours

- eco and ethno tours

- tours to the national parks

- guide services: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish languages.





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