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About us

Nature of the Company:

  • operating of different kinds of tours in Georgia for foreign groups and FITs

  • operating of tours for Georgians to the different destinations

  • organizing of incentive tours and conferences in Georgia and abroad  

  • elaborating of its own tour products for different destinations

  • offering of air transportation, launch and consolidation of charter flights

  • ticketing for the majority of international airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, JAL, Lufthansa, Alitalia etc.

Company Profile for Incoming Tourists

Since the very day of its estabishment the special priority within Georgian Travel Group has always been given to meeting the needs of the incoming and outgoing clients of the travel market.  Personal experience of the company staff and exellent relationships with the suppliers and partners, makes the cooperation with the customers especially  successful. GTG plans every tour individually taking into consideration every small detail. At the same time it is able to remain flexible and make any kind of changes in the program in accordance with the desire of the customers. GTG  is experienced in every field of tour organization starting from providing individual and VIP services and finishing with the charter operations.  

GTG Avia was specifically created for the purpose to provide the clients (among them FITs and groups) with high quality ticketing services.

What We Can

Georgian Travel Group offers organizing of:  

- FIT and group leisure programs

- FIT and group touring programs (cultural and geographic tours, trekking and jeep safaris, city breaks and one day tours, wine and gourmand tours) 

- individual and VIP services

- FAM trips

- educational programs

- medical treatment, visits to SPA resorts, sport and rehabilitation programs

- air and railway tickets in Georgia and abroad

- all types of transfers

- car rental

- special charter flights and programs

- support during visa application process

- business trips and incentive programs

- accommodation at any hotel and resort

- conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other events

- excursions, sightseeing tours and cultural programs.


- Israel                                      

- Russia

- Ukraine

- Poland

- Germany

- Slovenia

- Austria

- Portugal

- Japan

- USA                                                    


- Greece

- Turkey     


Company Slogan

The slogan of the company “Your leisure – our profession” represents GTG’s attitude towards its clients and is based on three main principals:

- recognition of the clients’personal needs;

- use of high technologies in operations;

- quick and reliable response to any request (maximum within24 hours).

History of the Company

Georgian Travel Group was founded in 2011 on the basis of several companies that operated in different sectors of the tourism industry and were interested in providing maximum possible comfort tothe clients.  Since the very beginning privately held company declared that its main goal was to address the expectations of rapidly growing community of international and local travelers i.e. those who areseeking more personalized services and distinctive experiences in order to immerse in the culture and atmosphere of the destinations they are visiting.

Now GTG, relying on its long-term experience in the travel business, has succeeded in obtaining the leading positions in such spheres of tourism as leisure and business travel, operating of charter tours, FIT and group travel and organizing events. 

Languages Spoken by the Staff:

- English

- German

- Russian

- Hebrew

- Japanese


Aiming at the permanent development of the business the company currently features two new goals:

-          to find new markets and diversify products according to the market needs

-          to diversify new itineraries for incentive tourism and establish new contacts among the incentive houses all over the world.  

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