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Gudauri (information is from the last year and has to be updated to consider the renovations, which had to be ended by the new season)
The alpine skiing resort Gudauri is located at the altitude of 2,000 meters above the sea level on the south slope of the central part of the Great Caucasus, 84 km north from Tbilisi. Thanks to its unique location resort enjoyes, the 1,5-2 meter high snow cover from December till April. The weather here is mainly sunny and windless. Construction of the resort commenced in the 80-ies of the last century and currently it has four downhill tracks, which are in a perfect condition and are quoted by the FIS. All four tracks (2,000-3,000 meters above the sea level; total length of 16 km) are equipped with the cable ways.

1)  Three-seater cable way: 1,650 persons per hour, length of 1,053.7 meters, 15.8%, 7.64 minutes;
2) Four-seater cable way: 1,900 persons per hour, length of 2,295.6 meters, 24.3%, 7.67 minutes;
3)Three-seater cable way: 1,100 persons per hour, length of 1,063 meters, 30.1%, 7.7 minutes;
4) Three-seater cable way: 1,400 persons per hour, length of 1,104.9 meters, 18.9%, 8 minutes.

Professionals have an opportunity to avoid common skiing tracks by using the non-beaten snow routes. Gudauri provides unique options for the fans of extreme sports, including heliski when the skiers are delivered by the helicopter to the altitude of 1,500-4,200 meters and slide down the slopes with virgin snow with the assistance of experienced instructors.

If you do not ski and have a desire to learn how to do it, experienced instructors will teach you at the special safe tracks.

The ski rentals are available at the hotels and skiing schools.


The alpine skiing resort in the southern part of Georgia is located, on the Range of the Minor Caucasus at the altitude of 1,700-2,000 meters above the sea level, 190 km from Tbilisi, and 29 km from Borjomi.

The snow lies here, and respectively the skiing season lasts, from mid December to the end of March. The height of the snow cover reaches 1,5-2 meters. Average January temperatures vary within the range of 7-8 centigrades. The weather is mainly sunny and windless. Bakuriani has several downhill skiing tracks, which comply with the FIS standards.

1)  The beginners’ track: length of 300 meters, 10-12%;

2)  Kokhta 1: double track, length of 1,500 meters, 54%;

3)  Kokhta 2: double track, length of 3,000 meters;

4)  Tatrapoma: length of 2,500 meters, 1,640-meter long bar-lift.

There are several downhill skiing tracks with bar-lifts for children, longest of them of 450 meters.

There are three springboards with the length of 45, 70 and 90 meters.

Bakuriani also has a 1,350 meter long bobsleigh track.

In parallel to skiing, resort can be enjoyed though horse and snowmobile riding.

The ski rentals are available at the hotels and skiing schools.

Beside these two well known resorts there are two more, which are now under construction. One of them called Hatsvali is located in Svaneti region and another one, Gomarduli, in mountainous Adjara.

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