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Climate and nature


The Great Caucasus Range is a natural divider protecting South Caucasus from invasion of cold air masses from the north. The climate in Western Georgia is milder, subtropical due to the influence of Black Sea. Average winter and summer temperatures make 5 and 22 centigrade, respectively. Annual amount of precipitation makes 1,000-2,800 mm.

The climate in Eastern Georgia is little harsher, passing from subtropical to continental. Average winter and summer temperatures make 2-4 and 20-24 centigrade, respectively. Annual amount of precipitation makes 300-600 mm.

Usually winter in west Georgia is Milder than in East Georgia. There is snow from end on November till end of March in the mountains of the Great and Lesser Caucasus. Summer is hot in Georgia, but there is cool in the Mountains especially in the evening.


Despite the small territory, nature of Georgia is distinguished for its diversity. Here one can observe the marine subtropical, mountain alpine and sub-alpine, as well as arid and semi-arid fascinating landscapes, with number of the preserved rarest flora and fauna species. 6.6% of the country’s territory is nominated the protected areas. The history of protected areas has the ages-long history in Georgia. In mountains there still are sacred forests, in which it was prohibited to hunt, cut the wood or collect berries since the ancient times. As far back as in 12th century, Queen Tamar issued the first state order on protection of certain territories. The first official state reserve – Lagodekhi Reserve – has been established in 1912. Currently there are 18 reserves, 5 national parks, 3 monuments of nature, 11 restricted zones and 1 protected landscape in Georgia.

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