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Day 1

Arrival to Tbilisi International Airport, meeting and greeting by the guideTransfer to the hotel (25 km from the hotel to the city center)Check in at the hotelOvernight in Tbilisi

Day 2

In the morning after check the vehicles we will drive to Kakheti – the wine region

 Georgia is considered the cradle of wine, which is confirmed by numerous archaeological, ethnographic, and linguistic materials. First we will visit David Gareji Monastery complex founded in the VI C. by one of the Assyrian Monks – Davis. The monastery is situated in the semi desert and is among three cave towns in Georgia. After visiting David Gareji we will drive to Sighnaghi – cozy town surrounded by the city wall. City wall of Sighnaghi is biggest in Europe and the second biggest in the world with its area.

After Sighnaghi we will drive to Telavi – main town of Kakheti region and stay there for a dinner and overnight

Overnight in Telavi (B-/D-)

Total length - 250 km driven

Day 3

In the morning we will drive to Alaverdi monastery and visit the cathedral founded in the VI century also by Assyrian monks. The splendid cathedral was built in the XI century as a symbol of unification of Georgia. Alaverdi was the highest church in Georgia till recent time, before the building of Sameba Cathedral in Tbilisi.

After visiting Alaverdi we will drive to Omalo the main settlement of Tusheti. The road from Alvani to Omalo is among the 10 most dangerous roads of the world, but the beauty of the landscape worth it to drive this way.

We will arrive to Omalo in the evening and have dinner and overnight in guest house in Omalo

Overnight in Omalo (B-/D)

Total length – 120 km (5 hours driven)

Day 4

After breakfast we will drive to the villages Shenako and Diklo which are most eastern villages of Tusheti.

From Omalo the route is a motor way, which proceeds down to the bank of Pirikita Alazani and passes over Pirikita Alazani Bridge. The route passes through the village Shenako and goes to the village Diklo. Shenako is one of the most beautiful villages of Tusheti with narrow paths and old houses. Here is historical brewery where visitors can taste the beer. From Shenako we will drive to Diklo the most eastern village of Tusheti. Traveling on the route one can see Bazaar goats, because the rout goes through their habitats.

Omalo – Shenako – 0.5 hours driven

Shenako – Diklo – 15 minutes driven

After visiting eastern villages of Tusheti we will drive back to Omalo, have a lunch and continue our way to Gometsari – southern valley of Alazani river (1 hour from Omalo) we will visit village Tsovata in Gometsari and drive back to Omalo

Dinner and overnight in Omalo (B-/L-/D)

Total length – 100 km driven

Day 5

In the morning we will drive to the western part of Tusheti and first visit village Tchesho and visit the old houses and interesting grave yard of the village. Afterwards we will drive to Parsma. We can drive just to the foot of the hill where the village itself is situated. From there we need 20 minutes walk in order to go up to the village.

After visiting Parsma we will drive to the most beautiful village of Tusheti – Dartlo.

In Dartlo we can have a lunch and continue our way to Omalo.

Omalo – Chesho – 1.5 hours

Chesho - Parsma – 0.5 hours

Parsma – Dartlo – 1 hour

Dartlo – Omalo – 45 minutes

Dinner and overnight in Omalo (B-/L-/D)

Day 6

Early in the morning after breakfast we will drive to Alvani. Upon arrival we will have time for lunch and then continue driving form Akhmeta to Ananuri fortress on the Georgian Military way (61 km off road)

From Ananuri we will drive to the ski resort in the Great Caucasus – Gudauri.

Dinner and overnight in Gudauri (B-/D)

Day 7

After breakfast we will drive to Stepantsminda - the settlement located near Russian border. This was the first check point between Georgia and Russia. Now it is partially open for the visitors.

In Stepantsminda we will visit holy trinity church and if the weather is good also enjoy the beautiful view of the mount Kazbegi.

After visiting Holy trinity church we will drive to Tbilisi, give back the cars and have a dinner in traditional Georgian restaurant with folklore show.

Overnight in Tbilisi (B-/D-)

Day 8

After breakfast we will start the city tour in Tbilisi. Visit famous Tbilisi Baths, Metekhi Church and Narikala fortress. We also will walk in the pedestrian area of the old town and then visit National museum of Georgia – Gold Treasure. Also walk down the Rustaveli Avenue and enjoy exceptional aura of the capital well known for its hospitality and cosmopolitism.

In this city on the cross roads of Asia and Europe you can find everything – oriental bazaars and markets, fancy restaurants and hotels, temples of all the religions side by side and warm people, who really enjoy the life.

Free evening

Overnight in Tbilisi (B-)

Day 9 Departure

2 paxes – 1795 USD

4 paxes - 1275 USD

6 paxes – 1225 USD

8 paxes – 1175 USD

10 paxes – 1125 USD

12 paxes – 1100 USD

14 paxes – 1070 USD

16 paxes – 1040 USD

18 paxes – 1020 USD

20 paxes – 990 USD

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