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Geographic location

Georgia is located in the South Caucasus, at the coastline of the Black Sea between the ranges of Caucasus Major and Minor. Its territory amounts to 69,700 square kilometers. 1/3 of the territory is taken by the mountains with the Lowland of Colchis located between the ranges in the west and Kvemo and Shida Kartli in the east.

Mountain system of the Caucasus Major is of the alpine-himalayan origin and the highest peaks there are Shkhara (5,068m) and Kazbegi (5,047m). Caucasus Minor is of the volcanic origin and its highest point is Didi Abuli (2,850). Caucasus Major and Minor are connected together by Likhi Range dividing Georgia into two parts – Eastern and Western Georgia. From the north Georgia is bordered by Russia (length of the border 723 km), from the south-west by Turkey (length of the border 252 km), from south by Armenia (length of the border 164 km) and from the east by Azerbaijan (length of the border 322 km). The natural boundary from the west is the Black Sea with its 315 km of the coastal line. Georgia is rich in natural resources as well as surface and ground waters. The rivers in the eastern part of the country belong to the basin of the Caspian Sea. The biggest of them is River Mtkvari (Kura) which takes its cradles on the territory of Turkey, passes through Georgia and Azerbaijan and flows into the Caspian Sea (total length of 1,364 km). The rivers of western Georgia belong to the basin of the Black Sea. The biggest of them is River Rioni with its total length of 327 km.

Georgia is rich in mineral waters like Borjomi, Nabeghlavi, Sairme, Utsera, Zvare, etc. The abundance of mineral waters became the reason for development of resort business in the 19th century.

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