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Tusheti Protected Territory has been established in 2003. It includes Tusheti National Park (85,453 ha), a protected landscape (27,903 ha) and a state reserve (10,694 ha) being the biggest in entire Europe. Tusheti is the mountaineous region in the extreme north-west of Georgia. Its altitudes spread from 900 to 4,492 meters above the sea level. The climate is cold and is attributed to the alpine climatic zone. The ecosystem of the park includes sub-alpine and alpine belts. This territory is especially important as the habitat of Asia Minor leopard, of which just several individuals are remaining in the Caucasus. Flora and fauna of the region are preserved in their original conditions including some species of tinder (Polyporus igniarius) that were not known to grow in Georgia. There is glacial lake Oreti found on the territory of the park, which offers the following touristic services: bird observation, adventure tours, historic-cultural tours, photo-tours, fishing. The the tours are tailored for the tourists with different experiences and interests. (The overnight stations and places for picnics are arranged; it is possible to hire guides and horses.)

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