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Vashlovani National Park is located in the extreme south-eastern part of Georgia, 175-200 km away from Tbilisi. Vashlovani Reserve has been established in 1935, and the National Park – in 2003. The total area of the Reserve makes 8,480 ha, and of the National Park – 25,114 ha. The altitudes of the National park vary within the range of 300-600 meters above the sea level. It is the most arid area of Georgia. Climate is dry and hot. Initially, the Reserve has been created with the view of protecting arid thin forests. The current National Park includes five clearly distinguished vegetation types: arid, semi-arid, arid thin forest, grassland and greenwood. This territory is characterized with the fauna abundance; specially should be mentioned the leopard, discovered at the territory of the Reserve in 2003. Here also the multitude of both migratory and local bird species can be observed. There are two walking, two automobile and one horse-riding routes on the territory of the National Park

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