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UNESCO world heritage
Jvari monastery, which is located on the top of a small hill opens a fascinating view on the old capital of Georgia – city of Mtskheta (9 km from the monastery). In the prehistoric epoch this was the place of a pagan deity. However after declaring of christianity the state religion in Kartli, a cross (in Georgian “jvari”), symbol of a new religion, has been erected there later followed by a church in the V-VI centuries AD. It is the first cross-domed church in Georgia and is included into the UNESCO List of the World Cultural Heritage.
Svetitskhoveli, which is located in Mtskheta at a distance of 24 km from Tbilisi is one of the most sacred places in Georgia. This is the place where the first wooden church of Georgia has been built immediately upon declaring of Christianity the state religion in the year 337. Current impressive cathedral was erected here in the 11th century. It remained the biggest churchuntil the 21st century in Georgia. According to the legend, the cathedral is built at the location where the shroud of Christ has been buried. Over the centuries the church has been seriously damaged and restored several times. Currently it is on the UNESCO List of the World Cultural Heritage.
Gelati - one of the oldest examples of the medieval Georgian architecture is located 12 km away from Kutaisi (Kutaisi is 231 km from Tbilisi). The complex was founded in 1106 during the period of Davit Aghmashenebeli’s reign. It consists of three churches, a bell tower and an academy building. The main church still contains the mosaic (Hodegetria – Virgin Mary holding the Child in her left arm) on the apses of altar dating back to the period of construction. Gelati academy, where the secular sciences were taught along with the theology, was famous throughout Caucasus and Asia Minor. King Davit Aghmashenebeli is buried at the old gates of the complex.
Ushguli, the village of the past, is the highest inhabited point of Europe. This is a unique place at the 2,300 m above the sea level in the magnificent nature of the Great Caucasus. The way from Mestia to Ushguli is just 45 km, but it takes 3 hours to get there and the only vehicles which can drive on such road are 4X4 jeeps or mini buses. So, you have to be prepared for an unbelievable journey into the past that will not be very easy, but it’s worth taking the risk. Main attractions of the place, which makes it the site of the UNESCO world heritage are family watch towers that date back to the 12th century.
Bagrati Temple
The grandiose cross-domed building that was constructed during the reign of Bagrat III is distinguished for its remarkable boasted works. Bagrati Cathedral opens fascinating view over the entire Kutaisi (231 km from Tbilisi). Next to it there are the ruins of an old castle. The dome of the churchcrashed in the 17th century because of explosion of the armory located in it. At the moment it is under construction. Bagrati Cathedral is on the UNESCO List of the World Cultural Heritage.

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