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Georgia is a cradle of wine and one of the most rapidly growing wine destination of the world. We have around 8000 years’ tradition of wine making and more than 500 sorts of local grapes. Every rural family in Georgia is making wine at home using the oldest wine fermentation method known as Kakhetian method, which means fermentation, storage and aging of the wine in the earth berried clay vessel – Qvevri.  This method became popular thanks to the new generation of Georgian wine makers and now is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

Linguistically the Latin name “Vino” is derived from the Georgian “Ghvino” (ღვინო) – wine.

The most important part of the Georgian wine story is Georgians’ attitude to the wine. Nothing really important can happen without wine. You hardly find any other country in the world, where people are making wine at home only for their own families and guest to celebrate the birth or to mourn the death and also every more or less important event between these two dates.

The travelers, who are coming to taste the wine are advised to visit the small family owned wineries in order to feel the touch of the history and tradition and to taste the unique wines.