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Tbilisi Balneological Resort

Tbilisi Balneological Resort is one of the prominent resort, and it has no other analogy in the whole country. It’s a treatment diagnostic and rehabilitation institution, equipped with natural treatment options. The treatment procedure includes the therapy with the sulphureous-waters and therapy with muds.
You can treat the following diseases: cardio logical, peripheral neurological, urological, endocrinological, dermatological, pediatric, gynecologic, and skeletal diseases at Tbilisi balneological Resort.


Borjomi is a balneological and climatic resort famous for its unique mineral waters.
The main and special wealth of Borjomi City is the thermal-mineral waters of volcanic origin. By the rich mineral composition of Borjomi water it is considered as the most pure mineral water in the world. Borjomi water is for medicinal purposes and special wellness treatments.
The mineral waters can treat the following diseases: gastrointestinal diseases and liver disorders, biliary tract disorders, metabolism, kidneys, nervous system and other organs diseases.

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Tskaltubo Resort

Tskaltubo is one of the incredible spa resort in the whole country. You know, what travelers love the most about Tskaltubo Spa Resort? You can take the radon thermal baths that can treat about 60 kinds of different diseases. Tskaltubo resort offers the individual programs in which you can take thermal baths, massages, physiotherapy, or other types of services.
You can treat the following diseases: limb, peripheral neurological system, heart and blood vessel, metabolic disorder, dermatological, endocrine system, and gynecologic diseases.

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Tskaltubo Plaza
Tskaltubo Spa
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Sairme Resort

Sairme is the biggest resort in Europe and known for its mineral springs. The resort owns four different kinds of treatment, and 1 thermal spring. You can take spa and wellness procedures to keep you healthy.
The mineral waters can treat the following diseases: Urethral Calculi, Gallbladder - Peeling, Gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disorders.

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