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Public Transportation

Public transportation in Georgia is not very well developed, but still you can find some comfortable way to travel between the cities as well as within them.

Domestic flights are available for the following destination:



Our company is selling tickets for the both destinations, please, contact our ticketing department: ticketing@cometogeorgia.net

One of the options for comfort traveling is Georgian Railway. The net is not for every place available, but you can use it while travelling in the long distances like Tbilisi-Batumi.

All information as well and a schedule you can find here: www.matarebeli.ge

Most common way to travel from one place to other is local transportation called “Marshutka” but take in consideration, that you can reach almost every place from Tbilisi and also from the big cities you can reach small places which are close to them, but if you need to reach for example Borjomi from Stepantsminda you need to come first to Tbilisi and then take “marshutka” to Borjomi.

Car rental with and without driver is also available. For booking you can contact our transportation managers: transportation@cometogeorgia.net

Public transportation inside the cities are buses. In Tbilisi there is also underground.

Public transport Live Updated information for Tbilisi Can be Found on - Following Link

You can use Tbilisi public transport journey planner - on this link

In every place you can find Taxis. There is a big number of taxis especially in the big cities and usually they are not expensive.